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The growing field of agricultural investment

Are you looking for a new, risk-free investment opportunity? Do you want to ensure that you and your family have a better future in which you enjoy a high and guaranteed income? Agricultural investment may be the best one for you!

While most investors focus their investments on the commercial sector, savvy investors look for new investment opportunities only known by investors.

They follow the movement of the commercial market know, especially given the decline of most investment sectors, such as real estate investment that reached its peak in 2012, then started to decline and be negatively affected by political, regional, and finally economic factors.

The question investors ask is: What is the best investment these days? Is there a 100% safe investment sector? Will this investment sector yield high returns for investors? The answer is yes. According to the economists’ analyses, all investment sectors witness a change and decline in prices and returns on investment, and low demand from time to time, except for the agricultural industry that does not know slumping. It is the sector with the highest investment in terms of returns and benefits because the demand for farm products, in general, has increased as an inevitable result.

It can be noticed that the inflation of the population around the world has become a serious matter. This inflation has led many countries and economic researchers to think about the future of global food security, primarily. Experts assert that the increase in the world’s population is fully and homogeneously linked to the high rate of food demand as a basic and urgent need for the individual to survive, as they cannot live if food is scarce.

For this reason, most of the world’s countries have focused on the agricultural sector and supported it by allocating large budgets from the treasury of the countries to farmers and investors willing to develop the agricultural sector and increase the proportion of local production. As one of the most powerful economies in the world, the USA has expressed, through its President Donald Trump, its determination to provide all aspects of economic and logistic support to the agricultural sector, especially after the Corona crisis, which was an alarm for all countries of the world. The tragedy of Corona proved that the future of the world is related to food, as most of the investment sectors across the globe have crumbled and collapsed, except for the agricultural industry, which has not witnessed any damage caused by the preventive measures that have been imposed in all countries of the world. On the contrary, the agricultural sector has seen a rise in the demand rate that has led everyone to think of investing in this sector, especially after lifting the restrictions imposed during the pandemic.

Therefore, agricultural investment is considered one of the best sectors of investment these days, especially as all governments around the world attach importance to this sector through preparing economic plans every year in line with the support of farmers and investors in the agricultural field around the world. Recently,  Turkey returned to agricultural investments again, as the two countries provided excellent facilities that would attract investors who want to own agricultural land in  Turkey.

Turkey is one of the largest and most fertile agricultural investment destinations in soil quality and the appropriate climate for all crops, including walnuts. Turkey ranked fourth in the world as a producer of walnuts and almonds, and its production of walnuts amounts to 212.140 million tons, according to 2019 statistics. The managed farmland system is considered one of Turkey’s most modern investment systems, where some major agricultural companies manage the lands of investors who do not have any agricultural background or experience in this field.

For investors in managed walnut and almond farms, the profits achieved by the managed farmlands were twice as much compared to those earned by investors in other various fields such as construction and industry. The returns on investment in such types of projects reach between 20-22% in the first ten years. According to recent statistics, there is a continuous global increase in the demand rate for walnuts and almonds, which has encouraged investors to direct their investments to both crops in the agricultural sector.

Don’t miss the opportunity to invest in farmland that will bring you long-term profits, and at the same time, an investment that will positively impact your world. Be part of the farming revolution with Invest4land’s Managed Farmlands!

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