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Why Türkiye

Türkiye has one of the top ten agricultural economies in the world, with about one-fourth of the population employed in agriculture. Agricultural operations take place on half of the country’s territory. Some of the many edible commodities that Türkiye cultivates in large quantities: are sugar beets, wheat, chicken, milk, cotton, tomatoes, and other fruits and vegetables. It also produces the most hazelnuts and apricots worldwide. In addition, Türkiye’s young and growing population provides opportunities for market growth and the introduction of new products.

Türkiye’s Agricultural Significance at a Glance

  • The annual export of agricultural products is 18 billion dollars
  • Türkiye’s agricultural sector sustains about 25 % of the economy
  • 7th among the world’s largest agricultural producers
  • 2nd largest agricultural economy in the OECD

Part of the Customs Union

  • Geographically well placed for trade and export

Domestic Advantage

Turkey has a long history of walnut farming, particularly in the region of Manisa, which provides the ideal ecological conditions for walnut growth. Türkiye is one of the world’s rare food-self-sufficient countries. The nation’s fertile soil, provision of adequate water, favorable climate, and industrious farmers all contribute to a thriving agricultural industry. Tree nuts, particularly walnuts and almonds, are widely consumed in Türkiye and are commonly eaten as snacks. Furthermore, large quantities of nuts are utilized in the country to make value-added goods like confectioneries and desserts. As a result of this high nut consumption in Türkiye, when you invest in Walnut plantations in Turkey, the domestic market has enough high demand to generate growth.

Strategic Location

Due to its advantageous location bridging Asia and Europe, Türkiye has historically been a natural link between the two continents. Also, its geographical location means Turkey has welcomed several trade routes that link the East with the West. As a result, Türkiye enjoys a favorable geopolitical position that enables it to service more than 1.5 billion people in Europe, Africa, and Asia, making it the most dependable transit point in current trading relationships.

Impressive Sector Performance

Türkiye’s food and agriculture sector generated 5.8% of the country’s GDP in 2018 and employed almost 20% of the labor force. In addition, the sector’s monetary contribution to GDP in 2018 was $42.5 billion. As the world’s seventh-largest agricultural economy, Türkiye relies mainly on agriculture for rural development, employment, exports, and much of its industry. Türkiye is a regional center for producing, processing, and exporting food to large European and Middle Eastern markets. As a result, the industry has tremendous potential.

Government Support

With plans to rank among the top 5 globally by 2023, the Turkish government is striving hard for and committing to recognizing agriculture as a vital asset to the country’s future economic development. Accordingly, the Turkish government has adopted a National Agricultural Project to develop and support the sector’s growth to achieve these goals.

Geographical Data

  • Total Area: 78 million hectares
  • Population: 75,6 million
  • Agricultural Land: 23,8 million hectares
  • Pastures and meadows: 14,6 million hectares
  • Forests: 21,5 million hectares
  • Number of provinces: 81
  • Number of towns and Submunicipalities: 2.951
  • Number of villages: 34.334

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