2021 Harvest Season is about the start!

We are excited for our newest harvest season in all our offices around the world.

Revolutionary Managed Farmland Investments

Earn up to 15.5% average for the 1st 10 years and up to 27.0% ANNUAL INCOME after the year 10th.

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A to Z Farmland Management Guarantee

We are investing millions of USD for our factories which are dedicated to our investors exclusively.

We offer secure and stable HIGH ROI for our agricultural investors.

Invest4Land Offers to Investors

100% freehold, managed Almond and Walnut Farmlands with standard assets on the farmland including paradox trees, digital water and fertilization system, security fences, cameras, electricity grid connection or solar panel, water drilling or water canal, water pool, storage and labour house.Prices from 9.90 USD per sm2 + VAT including 600 trees per hectare. We use very high plantation method6 times more trees than traditional methods.


100% Freehold Ownership I Divided and Managed

Welcome to Spain, the capital of agriculture in Europe. Fertile soils, high quality production, European Union advantages, Golden Visa opportunities and more. Click to see minimum investment details.

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100% Freehold Ownership I Divided and Managed

Turkey's blessed soils, lands and plantation quality welcome agricultural farmland investors from all around the world. With us you can start your managed almond and walnut farmland investments.

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Our Chairman Mr. Alper Apaydın's Speech

We are hardworking , strong and big family!

Thanks to our dedicated team, families and investors.
Lets change the Earth a better place, together.

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Let us tell you more about us

Earn up to 15.5% average for the 1st 10 years and up to 27.0% ANNUAL INCOME after the year 10th.

    We are a big family.

    Thank you very much to all our investors to be part of Invest4Land. Together, we increase wealth and do something good for the world at the same time.



    Here are some video testimonials from our amazing investors.

    Happy Investors of Invest4Land Family

    Together we are stronger for better future!

    Management Security of Farmlands

    A to Z farmland Management Guarantee for 45 years (Almond Farmlands) and 60 years (Walnut Farmlands) Management Guarantee


    • Routine management of the farmlands
    • Harvest of the crops
    • Transportation to our factories
    • Finally selling of the harvest product

    Our Story

    Dedicated Walnut and Almond Factories For Our Investors

    Turkey Walnut & Almond Process Factory / ACTIVE
    Bosnia Food Process Factory / ACTIVE

    Harvest Security l Quality Security l Better Sales Price

    We are investing millions of USD for our factories in Turkey and in Bosnia. Our walnut and almond process factories are dedicated to our investors exclusively.

    All the harvest will be collected from the farmlands and will be transferred to our factories. We will process your dry fruits and we will sell to the domestic and international markets.

    Why to Invest in Farmlands with Invest4Land?

    15.5% average for the 1st 10 years

    Divided and Managed Freehold Farmlands

    Secure and Valuable Dry Fruit Commodities

    One Of The Biggest Agro Real Estate Developer In Europe

    Multiple Income Model From Same Farmland

    60 Years Management Guarantee

    Income From Year One

    Invest From 27,750 USD and 24 Months Installments

    Our Managed Farmlands Are Located In Turkey and Spain

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