100% Freehold
30% Down Payment
24 Month Installments
9.25 USD+VAT Per Square Meter
Insured And Certificated Trees

Best Alternative
Investment Option

Invest4Land is revolutionizing the agricultural industry in Turkey with innovative and modern methods, creating a reliable income for its investors and making the world a better place with thousands of trees planted each year.

We believe in meticulous planning and organizing in our passionate work. Decades of know-how and hundreds of happy clients put Invest4Land in a special position in the field.

Getting The Turkish Citizenship After Investment

Now you can get a Turkish Citizenship by Investing into a real estate Agricultural Lands with the valuation of minimum 250,000 USD.  As API GROUP, we have our own consultancy department with a very experienced lawyer and consultants and we will handle all the citizenship process with our professional consultancy department!

This is a limited and unique opportunity to get a Turkish Citizenship for yourself and for your family.

Walnut Farmlands don’t get affected by currency fluctuation or politics

Walnut being a strong commodity itself which is always in demand and never in enough supply, macro economical or political changes does not change the returns on your investment. Walnut prices are increasing every year and as a professional and dedicated company, we are balancing between the domestic sales and exporting to give you a steady and safe return.

Walnuts are Great for Investing

Walnuts are great because first of all they are a luxury dry fruit that the demand and value is always growing. The harvest is stable relative to other products and they’re easy to store for many months before they expire. Which makes a profitable business for investing.

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Much higher ROI (%24.7) than real estate.
Easier to sell the land with less saturated market.
No extra maintenance charges during production.
Doesn’t get affected by political or economical changes or currency fluctuation.
Full title deed and flexible payment plan.
Insured and certificated trees minimize the risk of the investment.
Egg and Poultry: We set up a Professional shelter and tent system for the production
Bee Farming: We are planting lavenders to extract and produce high quality honey.
Sheep farming: We grow clovers for the first 3 years on the land between the trees all around the farm.

Invest in Planted and Managed Walnut Farmlands

Average %24.7 yearly net income
for the first 10 years!


Some of The Benefits of Farmlands Investment

Annual income from Farmlands Investment can increase much more than 10% even sometimes double.

Managed Farmlands don’t lose value as they keep producing different commodities. People always must eat during crises no matter what happens.

Managed Farmlands has a stable annual appreciation with increasing multiple harvest income.

Managed farmlands make the mother earth earn more soil, water and forestry. It brings a sustainable solution for the animal farming.

Invest4Land Offers A Unique Win-Win Model

Watch our short video to find out more!

Alper Apaydın

CEO’s Message

Invest4Land’s mission is to lead the global transition to new generation agricultural investment model. While it’s no small ambition, our vision of developing farmlands with commodity equivalent income generating trees is already evolving and transforming the way we live. This revolutionary investment model has been structured from years of study, research, dedication and big infrastructure investment.

  • Making our investors freehold real estate asset owners
  • Making the world greener by contributing thousands of new walnut trees for the environment each year.
  • Creating one of the most sustainable and modern farming management systems
  • Contributing our water-saving and soil-protecting farming methods
  • Creating jobs in our operational zones
  • Creating a win-win structure for our investors by developing factories, walnut brands and outlets.


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