As life slowly returns to normal after the Covid pandemic, investors are returning to the financial and business scene again, even stronger than before. They are trying to counter the effects of the economic regression that befell in what is considered one of the worst years affecting investors in some sectors, such as tourism and real estate sector.

It is worth noting that the shares of the global stock market have witnessed a clear decline during the past four months, especially tourism and real estate shares, as some major companies have taken precautionary measures in light of the Covid outbreak in order to avoid having their shares collapse in the capital market and business.  However, all these measures did not succeed in recovering the deficit inflicted to these sectors. This led companies to lay off a large number of workers or to suspend their wages until things return to normal.

Economic analysts in the Arab Gulf states say that the economic decline caused by COVID has managed to extinguish the flame of many investment sectors. However,  according to economic statistics,   it is striking that the pharmaceutical and agricultural sectors have remained in the lead in terms of global consumption, as the shares of food and medicine companies have increased to unprecedented levels.

The question now is: What is investment in the food sector?

In general, as they can protect the arteries and the heart and improve blood circulation, they protect against diabetes, as confirmed by Yale University research. Walnuts can also protect against cancer and free radicals and they can also destroy cancer cells. Most importantly, they can prevent obesity and help get rid of fat and excessive weight because they are satiating. Several studies indicate walnuts, which are rich in vitamin E, improve and stimulate brain functionality, fostering the ability to learn in children and improving their behavior. Moreover, walnuts help get rid of insomnia, regulate the biological cycle of the body, and helps people sleep as mentioned above. Walnuts also have benefits in improving an individual’s sexual ability, treating skin diseases and improving skin.

This has prompted many investors to turn to agricultural investment, in walnut farms or what is now known as managed walnut farms

The resilience and reliability of agricultural land returns is excellent compared to other investment options; agricultural lands have proven to be an asset with low volatility, attractive income, negative correlation of stocks and resilience during major economic crises in the past.

These facts certainly demonstrate to investors how adding such managed farmlands investments to your portfolio is safe and low on risks.

One of the major agricultural investment companies in the Middle East and Europe has developed a unique investment model using investment options in managed farmland. You can buy a walnut farm at very low initial prices, and later obtain profitable returns starting with the first harvest, as well as creating an opportunity to earn money through secondary income structure which adopts a special vision of the concept of agricultural forestry.

By leveraging agricultural investment, this company adds secondary income generation operations such as the production of eggs, poultry, livestock, sheep and honey in the same agricultural land, where we can skip some traditional concepts. These farms are natural investments that require the growth of trees, and then enter into the seasonal cycle to produce crops and generate returns, and it is normal for animals and crops to coexist with these trees.

While waiting for the first harvest, you can use animal and plant products to create a second immediate source of income for investors.

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