Minimum Investment

In Turkey, the minimum land size a foreign investor can buy is 10,000 square meters. The prices are USD 9.25 per square meter, which is a minimum of USD 92,500 for 10,000 sqm.

In Spain, you can get your title deed by investing in our managed Almond farmlands for a minimum investment of 2500 sqm, which equals 36.250 €

Invest in your future, own a managed farmland Today.

Earn over 15.5% returns and get your Golden Visa in Spain with managed farmlands.

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What Does The Price Include?

Our land prices include the following costs per square meter:

Land Preparation

Cleaning the land, preparing the soil, water drilling, and finally planting the trees.

Land Management

Watering and maintaining the trees to ensure healthy growth and protection from illness and infection.


Preparing and collecting the harvest of the produce of the trees in an organized and efficient manner to ensure no waste.

Selling The Harvest

Transporting the harvest and storing it until the sale and arranging the sale and final transport to the local and international buyers.