Processes & Contracts



Talking to one of our investment advisors, where you discuss your investment goals as an investor, and the advisor assesses whether an investment with Invest4Land is suitable for you.



Our investment advisors will give you background information about our company, investment process, available projects, land sizes, and investment feasibility.


Reservations & Bookings

Clients can have the project and land of their interest reserved or booked for a 10% fee. In the meantime, they examine the contracts and agree on a payment plan; This is particularly useful for clients who would like to visit our lands in Manisa, or are planning a trip to our offices in Istanbul.


Sales & Management Contracts

We require two agreements for each investment; The first is for the purchase of the land, the second is the land management contract.


Payment & Fees

Once the contacts are in place, the payment for the investment is due. For investors who require a payment plan, this is included and detailed in the contracts. If payment is upfront, we initiate the title deed transfer immediately, and this can be done remotely for all our international investors.


Land Preparations & Operations

With contracts in place, payments agreed on, and down or full payment received, the management starts and clients can receive periodic updates on the progress.


Secondary Income Generation

If our investors have opted-in for secondary income projects, they will start to receive their income once operations begin.


Harvest & Crop Sales

Once the project comes to maturity and trees start to produce, we sell the crops and transfer the returns to our investors.