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Why do we have walnut plantation in Turkiye?

The growing demand for walnuts due to their high nutritional value for health care and cosmetics industries is predicted to boost the global walnut market. In food sectors such as baking, confectionery, chocolate, nut butter, and other processed goods, the proportion of globally traded walnuts used as an ingredient has increased. Due to their nutritional advantages, walnuts are frequently used in goods like beef jerky snacks and ready-to-eat meals. This high level of diversity and the trend towards healthy living will continue to strengthen the demand for and price of walnuts.

Strong Market Trends

To cater to growing demand, production across the globe has been increasing steadily. The overall walnut production in 2020/2021 surpassed the 1 million metric ton mark, amounting to 1,022,030 (kernel basis), up by 10% from the previous season. Walnuts are in high demand worldwide, and Turkey alone produces more than 15 different products. As a result, their price is proliferating.

Sound Investment

Walnut orchard investment is growing in popularity thanks to the attractive revenue potential and low-risk opportunity for portfolios. Walnut products have a limited supply and a steadily rising global demand, making walnut investing a stronghold for investors globally. Investment in walnuts has gained traction as a popular alternative investment option since price volatility is minimal and future price market estimates are attractive.

Global Walnut Market

Good for Health and the Planet

Walnuts are highly nutrient-dense nuts. More than any other nut, walnuts enhance antioxidant activity, have much healthier omega-3 fats, offer an excellent source of fiber and protein, and facilitate lowering harmful LDL cholesterol. Walnuts have been shown to reduce cancer risk, manage diabetes, improve brain function, and strengthen the immune system. Furthermore, by investing in walnut plantations, you are supporting sustainable and green investments. Leave a legacy for future generations with walnut trees that can live for a century.

Resilience of Walnuts

Walnuts are among the safest investments you can make. Additionally, walnut prices on international markets continue to be high and stable, ensuring a solid, long-term return on investment. The tree has a high level of resistance to diseases, infestations, and severe climate conditions.

Demand for Plant-Based Foods

Global purchasing of plant-based goods is increasing, particularly protein substitutes, forcing food producers and merchants to adjust swiftly to satisfy consumer demand. The industry’s expansion, which includes substitutes for meat, cheese, milk, and sour cream, is driven by a complex mix of consumer behaviour patterns, product development, and investment. The Plant-Based Foods Association claims $7 billion in sales and 27% year-over-year growth in 2020. This is promising news for the walnut industry.

Advantages of Walnut Investment

  • High and growing product demand
  • Walnuts are a high-value edible commodity
  • Walnut trees are highly resistant to pests and harsh climates 
  • Used in multiple industries, including food, confectionery, and cosmetics
  • Walnuts do not require complicated storage procedures
  • Rise of the popularity of plant-based goods

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