Nutritious food in quality is the fundamental key for human existence. The first concern is improving healthcare. Therefore securing the food needs safety awareness by ongoing searches and education.

On the other hand, in order to maintain economic growth and job varieties, reduce poverty and increase trade opportunities; the need for successful operations in farming is obvious. And as this requires well-planned management skills the National Institute of Food and Agriculture based in the US, supported by the government, helps farmers and other agricultural professionals to manage their socially responsible operations.

Safety training is vital as a first step. Farmers should be aware of the information, with that they will be able to reduce fatal accidents, lessen the incidents coming from the cancer-related chemicals. And they will not lose their income because of healing those accidents.

We should not just trust the product that is raised, processed and packaged in our monitor, the systemization should be objectively used across the globe. That needs restrict regulations in all nations because we are faced with excessive transportation. Because of economical dictations, we lose the freshness of the product and feel the need to rely on chemicals. With this relation we should be careful about manufactured foods and question the additives, modified organisms in order to prevent ourselves from diseases such as mad cows. That also leads to taking risks in the management system.

By not growing monoculture crops and diversifying the usage of land we should be able to break the imbalance of income and stop making only particulars rich, as this imbalance creates another one that is named hunger and obesity. So we are back at healthcare at every turn.

As agriculture is the backbone of rural livelihoods and it’s contribution to product stability and local income, governments should start and maintain long-term regulations seriously. Otherwise food crises would continue to be triggered and cease other developments, if we do not take this issue as a global one.

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