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Why Almond Investment Is On the Rise

Nuts, particularly almonds, have shot into favor as “healthy” investment opportunities for investors happy to cash in on this relatively stable production environment with increasing high demand in the market.

Almond milk will only be an industry worth over $3 billion in the Asia-Pacific region by 2022 as demand for dairy-free and vegan options makes this part of the world the beverage’s fastest-growing marketplace.

Almonds witnessed a 6pc to 8pc annual rise in global consumption, with new strong demand from India and China.

Everywhere in the world, from Australia to China to Europe, younger generation consumers choose to eat a healthier diet than their parents.

Many years ago, a healthy snack in a coffee shop was a sugar-loaded whole grain biscuit. However, people recently eat protein balls filled with healthy nuts and seeds, drink almond milk lattes, and use almond and almond milk in numerous dishes and cuisines. Everywhere in the world, from Australia to Malaysia, China, or Europe, millennials and younger generation consumers choose to eat a healthier diet than their parents.

Companies see a social necessity to respond to more beneficial dietary needs and demands, including natural foods with less processed sugars and foods that cause no negative environmental impact. Almonds are the perfect fit – they’ve become a snack food code for ’healthy.’

Almonds are not just five-star-rated healthy products ideal as a healthy ingredient. They are a versatile nut for the food industry; due to their flavor, almonds are well-suited for food processing into flour. We also see a significant increase in acceptance of almond milk as a beverage option.

Consumers want choice, and that’s driven the food and foodservice industries and agribusiness investors to embrace almond investment as a leading investment option.

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