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3 Reasons Why Women Make Great Agriculture Investors

Search the internet; you will find countless articles about how to become the next Bill Gates or Warren Buffett, but what about being the next Geraldine Weiss or Abigail Johnson?

These are women investors who play leadership roles and are role models for both women and men investors who aspire to achieve great success. Here are three reasons why women make great agricultural investors:

1. Women Have Patience

Successful investors show patience when choosing Long-term investment options like agriculture; these investments are not about taking advantage of the short-term momentum-driven market.

Returns from agriculture do not come immediately. For example, walnut trees take up to 5 years to produce fruit. If you’re investing in walnut farmland, you won’t receive a return until those walnuts are harvested and sold. In a time of financial insecurity, there is no better asset to own than managed farmlands. These long-term investments provide returns derived from natural products.

2. Women are Creative Thinkers

Historically, women had to learn different talents and perform job duties based on gender bias. This situation has encouraged women to think “outside the box” to bridge the gender gap on many levels. Women who believe in a nonconventional way can successfully manage risk and creatively set up a well-defined investing strategy.

3. Women are Natural Nurturers

Whether it’s a learned trait or an instinct, women tend to be more nurturing than men. This tendency to nurture makes women value the difference they make when they invest in agriculture. Women know that by investing in agriculture, they invest in a farmer who is helping feed the world. An investment in agriculture provides clothes, food, homes, and work for people and helps keep the human race thriving.

Women are nurturing, so they can appreciate the farmer who cares for the land and for what it’s producing– an asset that can feed, clothe, and house others. Women understand that it requires patience and time to nurture something and see it grow. And in the long run, that patience gives women time to make sure that their money is in the best place.

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