Walnut Farmlands

Our Golden Chandler walnut farmland investments have a 100% success record and provide the highest possible income in the market. In real estate, you can achieve an average of 5.5 % rental income in the residential property and a maximum of 8% in the commercial investment properties. In our Golden Chandler walnut farmland projects, you can achieve over 23.1% ROI on average during the first ten years and even more in the following years.

Walnut Demand in Turkey

There is a big gap between the supply and demand for walnuts in the Turkish domestic market; the demand is high, yet the supply is still low.

Global Walnut Demand

There aren’t many countries around the world that are suitable for producing walnuts. Therefore, there is a significant global supply shortage in the market.

Walnut Tree Timber Demand

The timber of walnut trees is widely used in the furniture industry, and there is a high demand for it globally. In our projects, the value of the timber itself can double the investment value in some cases, apart from the walnut production.


 In any other real estate investment, the buyer carries the risk of paying the management fees if the investment doesn’t provide enough income. In our walnut farmland projects, we never charge any management fees at any time.

In this specific project, your investment pays itself within 6-7 years for the pre-launch investors, and the value of your land rises to at least the double at the beginning of year 6.


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Invest4land is our International brand name for the marketing of our Agricultural Real Estate Assets.

Konsept Tarim is our local management brand in Turkey.

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