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Prince William Has Encouraged Investors to Turn Back to Soil

Prince William encourages investors and had declared the people of the World Bank, multilateral developers, and investors responsible for current developments on climate change and food security.

It had to be a route taken before on a larger level. But the need is immediate, as Prince William declared that this situation had been a wake-up call with the pandemic to prevent our planet from further problems that will be more vital. So we couldn’t agree more with his comment on human nature.

“long observed that people tend not to act until there is a real crisis”

We appreciate the gained traction for nature-based solutions globally that has been in the last few years. For over 30 years, we have cared for good food, soil, and other natural resources. Our actions on agroforestry have always been an example of attraction. We get results.

As Prince William highlighted many times in the meeting, people must invest in nature with reforestation and sustainability. As Invest4land, we tackle climate change because sustainability is the principle for us. Our investors are our collabs on the issue, they rely on us with the soil, and we are happy with our contribution to these problems and excited for more.

“It is now rapidly becoming a total catastrophe that will dwarf the impact of the coronavirus pandemic. At this late stage, I can see no other way forward but to call for a Marshall-like plan for nature, people, and the planet”

Invest4land is glad to hear these alarming sentences from the latest high-profile public figure. We want to expand our ethics worldwide as the need for gathering on issues such as removing the carbon from the atmosphere increasing biodiversity to protect people’s livelihood because agriculture is the backbone of rural ones. Our part for the problem is to keep our excellent work with our farmers, fabrics, and team. But we need our investors for more efficiency as this is an issue not to be denigrated nor denied anymore.

And your part is simple; the reliability is evident on the soil as an investment with a good management plan. You do not need to have any history on the subject; let us diversify your portfolio with this popular route and guarantee you the outcome by doing our best for over 30 years.

Why not take this courageous step to create a future for you and your family? Join the Invest4Land family. Contact us and let’s discuss the available options with you!

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