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An Overview of Livestock Farming

We need livestock products and livestock farming, as it provides us with our main food sources. In particular, products such as meat, milk, and eggs that provide our protein needs are part of our basic diet. With the increasing world population, we will need more and more quality protein sources. Therefore, animal farms’ priorities must be how to benefit from technology and how to cope with current challenges that guide us in this regard.

What is Livestock Farming?

Livestock is the breeding and management of farm animals such as cattle and sheep in general to obtain products such as meat, milk, and leather. Good breeding of animals also affects product quality. Animal farms are generally spread over a wide area such as pasture so that animals can quickly weed and the quality of the end product increases. Thus, many different animals can be grown in farms with large fields.

Livestock Management

Livestock management covers all life processes of livestock animals and requires knowledge and experience. These processes can be as follows:

1. Animal health and animal welfare

2. Feeding, grazing, feeding of animals

3. Breeding animals

4. Selling livestock products

The livestock company should manage all these processes perfectly and use the most modern techniques. Livestock personnel should be trained in the best way to explain animals and business practices in detail.

We follow all new changes in animal husbandry and provide sustainable implementation guidelines on the farm. Our veterinarians give importance to detailed monitoring of each animal. We feed our sheep with natural clovers that we grow on our farms.

We have modern farmland in Manisa Gördes, with 8,000 sheep capacity, 3500 square meters of the construction area, and about 3 million square meters of Agricultural Forest. In our well-equipped facilities and extensive lands, we have Merino sheep fed naturally with the philosophy of breeding farm animals living in peace. Thanks to our Agro-forestry method, sheep graze on the grass between trees and lay natural fertilizer on the soil. Thus, sustainable agriculture gives us an advantage in every respect. At the same time, we produce raw honey from our bees, which are fed with the flowers of the unique nature of the Aegean. In Manisa, we have free-range chicken in our facilities fed naturally and roam as they wish.

Our company aims to provide quality and healthy livestock products to our customers and investors. In doing so, we use first-class technologies and scientific methods. We create an ecosystem for the health and well-being of animals. Our team of expert veterinary technicians and engineers in our Konsept Tarım farms provides the best care, nutrition, and healthy controls for the animals in our farms.

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