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High Returns in USD

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Turkey Walnut Income

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Diversify Your Investment Portfolio

Investing in foreign countries is a smart strategy for diversifying an investment portfolio. However, it continues to pose new risks for investors.

As more people broaden their investments by expanding into different countries and investment assets, they typically also bear the risk of fluctuations in exchange rates.

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How We Reduce Currency Risks

Returns in USD

The currency in which our crops are sold as raw or packaged food goods is chosen strategically depending on which currencies offer the best opportunity to maximize returns. Even if agricultural and food products aren’t destined for the US, many of these products are priced in US dollars, and it’s the reason all Invest4Land investments and returns are calculated in USD and Euro.

Managed Farmlands Investment Module

By investing with Invest4Land, the currency risk involved in purchasing the operating machinery and equipment for land preparation and maintenance is carried by the management company and not the investor. All needed materials such as fertilizers, animal feed, shelters, storage, and transport, are susceptible to currency risk that is again carried by the management company and not the investor.

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