Europe’s Fastest Growing Economy

Turkeys Minister of Finance, Naci Agbal, claims that in the last seven years the economic growth of the country has increased by 6%. The average of GDP growth based on the last fifteen years is 4.7%. The government has provided numerous facilities, such as a new subway tunnel of 350 kilometers and highways of 6000 kilometers. Most importantly, a percentage of the costs are going towards healtheducationunder ground payments and the security of the country.

Overall, Turkey has many reasons to why else you should invest, not only do the numbers say it all but on a geographic basis it’s a very pleasant country. Turkey has become one of the top overseas home destinations in the Mediterranean. Turkish Mediterranean and Aegean coasts are very popular amongst foreign expats who have blended in with the Turkish way of life. Within the first 6 months of 2017 there has been 4.3 million tourists.


In Turkey alone, 44% of foreign investors are from Europe.

By 2019, Turkey will have much more development and growth regarding the GDP of more than 5%. It will introduce job opportunities for more than 3.2 million people. This means more opportunities between Turkish and European citizens, growing a stronger bond in building a healthier working relationship.

According to demographic factors, the current population in Turkey is 79 million with a yearly growth of 2%. Of this 79 million, a majority of that population is the under 30’s age range. Meaning, it is favorable to the market being essential consumers.

Investing in any country is not an easy decision to make, but investing in Turkey is something a majority people have been doing within the last few years. Making Turkey one of the most prominent places to invest from now till 2020.

Turkey is valuable because of having such a unique location and many more interesting and important features. Agriculture plays a large role in this statement. Globally, Turkey exported 1,781 kinds of agricultural products to more than 190 countries in 2016, accounting for an export volume of USD 16.9 billion. Manisa, located in Izmir, alone is one of the major agricultural production areas owing to its favorable climate, rich soil, high quality in water and also its unique geographical potential.

Hence why planting Chandler Walnuts in that location is in high demand. Investing in Walnut Farmlands provides a guarantee pay back. In 2016, Turkey alone exported 21.4 million USD in walnuts. So invest now and watch your money grow.