Who We Are

Invest4land is one of the largest Agricultural Real Estate systems in Europe. We operate a modern, sustainable, and stable farming system in the best way. Our investors thus obtain the maximum return on investment from our agricultural lands.

‘’We have created a unique, efficient, well-managed Agricultural Real Estate Investment model to generate high returns for our investors.’’


Success in agriculture requires dedication and many years of experience. In addition to the Apaydın family’s decades of experience in agriculture, we have over 30 years of experience in the agricultural sector. Also, we now have more than 200 people working as experts. We have Konsept Tarim, one of Turkey’s most successful and experienced brand management of agricultural land. Besides, we manage agricultural lands in the most fertile soil of Spain with Agro Invest Spain. Combining our agriculture experience with our knowledge in the investment sector and creating a unique, seamless Agricultural Real Estate Investment model in Europe to provide high returns to our investors.

Our agricultural activities in Europe are located in Turkey, Spain, and Bosnia. We have a great passion and commitment to modern, scientific, and sustainable agriculture to collaborate with agricultural research institutions, renowned academics, and researchers. Our Asset Holding companies provide agricultural land managed by 100% Freehold with certified deeds. All the lands we offer to our investors belong to our asset holding companies, and all title deeds are exempt from any debt and price.

Invest in your future, own a managed farmland today

Earn up to 13% average for the 1st 10 years and up to 28% ANNUAL INCOME after the year 10th.