Our team

Our dedicated team is working 24/7 to ensure that Invest4Land grows healthy and fruitful trees and we are with you with every step of your investment.

Alper Apaydın

Alper Apaydin was born in Istanbul, Turkey in 1976. He studied middle and high school in Istanbul and graduated in English Teaching and Literature from Bursa Uludag University in Turkey. Completing his MBA in London City Business Colleague in 2004, Alper Apaydin established his own firm called API INVESTMENT in London as an overseas investment consultancy firm. In 2006 the companies rise to success continued by opening a branch in Turkey. In 2007 he grew interest in the agriculture business and included himself in his families long experience in walnut farming. He joined alongside with his brother Caner Apaydin.
The Turkish company grew rapidly from 2006 in farming, construction, investment brokerage, tourism and hospitality. As of today Alper Apaydin is the CEO of API Group, Invest4Land and Concept Investment as well as the partner of other successful companies such as, API Tour, API Media and RR Partners in Turkey. The growth of his success is still in movement as he continues to use his knowledge in business to form sustainable and successful companies and brands in the agriculture business under the vision of Invest4Land.

Caner Apaydin
Finance Director
Tamer Yasar
Field Operations Manager

Tamer Yasar was born in Akhisar, Manisa in 1982. He studied Tourism and Hotel Management at Eskişehir Anadolu University and after his graduation he started working with his knowledge and talent, in the highly competitive market of his profession in Turkey. He joined API Group in 2008 as a partner of API Tour and successfully managed the growth of the company as it became a pioneer in the industry. Same year, he started to manage all field operations of Concept Investment and by 2013, he was the Head of Operations at Manisa region in Concept Investment working for Invest4Land. Being originally from Manisa and also a member of a family with more than 3 decades of knowlegde about farming walnuts and olives, has brought him significant experience in the fields. He is still in charge of establishing infrastructure and superstructure systems, construction, planting and all other operations at Invest4Land farmlands with his many years of experience, know-how and dedication for modern sustainable agriculture.

Abeer Fadl
Sales Manager

She started working as Sales Specialist at API GROUP in August 2015. After attending Invest4Land Academy training programme, through the following years she has become Sales Manager at Invest4Land with the contribution of her excellent communication and sales skills.

Her duty at Invest4Land is to help investors searching for good investment or stability in order to find the best agricultural land project that defines their unique lifestyle and their budget.

Mehmet Kafkaslıgil
Media Manager

Mehmet Kafkasligil specialises in the advanced area of media with over 4 years experience. He is an expert in many areas such as, internet advertisement and modern innovative marketing strategies. He also owns a successful Youtube channel which he manages as well being an expert in video storytelling.
For the last 2 years he has been part of API Group (the mother company of Invest4land) for the last 2 years. He is currently specializing on the marketing of Invest4Land Walnut Production, strategies for the new market penetration and committed to making successful increases of brand awareness. Mehmet Kafkasligil continues to amaze the team with his incredible media skills by projecting them on all projects.


Deniz Karaca is a marketing expert and producer by career choice.  She has previous experience in product management, digital marketing, media production and executive editing as well as producing and hosting TV and Radio Shows for the leading channels by her own media company in Turkey. After attending MBA, International Trade/Business Program in San Diego, CA for 2 years in order to expand her vision and knowledge, she moved back to Turkey and started her career at API Group as Regional Marketing Manager. She is specifically focusing on the marketing aspect of Invest4Land Walnut Farmlands. She continues to develop new and alternative strategies as well as expanding brand awareness through all media channels.

Abdullah Bağlar
Finance Manager
Nawras Kabartay
Regional Sales Manager

Before his career at API Group began, Nawras Kabartay started his success in numerous fields as a wholesale sales specialist in the textile industry and as an expert in the real estate field. He is best at developing an understanding of what his clients’ wants and needs are and projects his passion for what he does in all given projects.
His experience from many fields boosted him in terms of his performance in the Invest4Land Academy training program. He was able to achieve positive feedback from different clientele situations. Additionally he has tremendous language skills such as native Arabic, English and Turkish, which he used while passing the training.
As of now, Nawras is a skilled Regional Sales Manager working with clients especially from the Middle East and Arabian Gulf region. He continues in supporting investors to develop their initial investment aims.

Alina Pylypenko
Doha Branch Manager
Asli Arsay
Sales Operations Manager
Nureddin Keskin
Sales Executive

After working in other eminent positions in Turkey, Nureddin Keskin joined API Group as Sales Executive from 2016 and onwards. He establishes a healthy relationship with his clients in making sure they have the required information regarding their investment options.
He has accomplished many things when he completed his Invest4Land Academy training at API Group, he was able to work through difficult conditions and still came out with outstanding results. Never giving up on his goal he set a standard whilst doing the training program.
Nureddin has participated in professional societies in order to be more beneficiary to his customers while they look for viable investment opportunities. His main goal at API Group is to recognize business opportunities, identifying prospects and evaluating their situation in the industry by researching and analysing the best sales options.

Serdar Kadir Ateş
Regional Corporate Manager

Serdar Kadir ATES has been working as a Regional Corporate Manager in the company named API Group since February 2016. He has over 5 years of corporate background and graduating from Economics & MBA. He is highly qualified in developing a planning strategy, taking concrete steps by providing short and long term financial projections and analysing the profitability of any investment project.
He accomplished in passing the Invest4Land Academy training program at an extensive level. Knowing the project from the seed to the selling point, Serdar has advanced knowledge of the farmland project making him a specialist in the field.
His main function is to assist international and local investors to locate most suitable investment opportunities to their requirements and managing all operations related to Invest4Land Projects.

Begum Dok
Accounting Manager
Ghazal Allaham
Sales Representative

Ghazal Allaham began her career as a sales representative in 2014. Her previous position, journalism, has helped her build up extensive communication skills.
Ghazal went through the Invest4Land Academy training program with the skill set of communication and was able to conduct perfect scenarios of clients with complaints and established a win-win conclusion for both the client and the company.
At API GROUP her initial responsibility is to help and assist clients in need of their required project. As an API sales representative she continues to provide the best of her capabilities.

Ipek Dilara
Regional Sales Manager

Born and raised in Sydney, Australia she uses her native English skills to communicate with people and to be the best in helping them with their investment requirements.
Before being accepted as a team member of API Group Ipek went through the Invest4Land Academy training program required prior to being the sales representative. She was given many tasks to test her abilities including traveling to the farmlands to familiarize herself with the project. Passing the project allowed her to confidently be faced with any problem and solve it.
Her previous experience in the work field has led her to become a strong contender in the real-estate industry in being able to understand the needs of each individual. Ipek continues to grow in the API Company as she is a motivated and committed employee.