Project Feasibility

Check our project feasibility below to get all the details about our investment projects.


Planted golden chandler walnut farmland. 35 (±3) trees each 1,000 m² and 350 trees each 10,000m²


İzmir / Manisa – Turkey


Investors will own freehold title deed under their name.


On this specific property, the Management Company will run a walnut farmland business on behalf of the landowner. 

We have a very professional and dedicated team of engineers, consultants and general labor power working for Invest4Land. We don’t charge any management fees until the 1st harvest period, after all costs have been covered from the income, so our investors never have to deal with management and operational costs from their pockets.


* Investor buys Walnut Farmland Projects with freehold (%100 ownership) title deeds
* Invest4Land constructs high quality infrastructure and plants 2 years old Golden Chandler type of trees
* Invest4Land manages the entire process with the most professional and dedicated team
* Invest4Land sells the harvest at the highest price and generates high income for the investors


According to the size and productivity of the trees, income generation increases every year!

* Chandler type of walnut trees start generating income 3 years after plantation.
* The trees reach the maximum growth 10 years after the income generation starts.
* After that, trees stay at the same productivity all lifetime (60+ years).


Chart Explanation

* As it is shown that income generation of Golden Chandler Walnut farmlands starts in 2022 and increases every year.

How we calculate these values:

* Sale Price of Golden Chandler Walnut Tree (In Shell): USD 5.83/kg
* Annual Operational Cost: USD 1,265/10 Donum
* Harvest Cost: USD 0.20/kg

Management Fees: 20% from Net Profit

Management company covers all operational costs until the 1st harvest!

Note: Numbers stated in this chart are calculated after deduction of annual operational cost, harvest cost and taxes.

In case we are at year 8 and we have 10,000 m² land area


  • Annual Operational Cost: USD 1,265/10 donum (10% value increase according to inflation), which equals USD 2,465.13 in year 8.
  •  Harvest Cost: USD 0.20/kg – land will generate 6,650 kg according to minimum production, which equals a harvest cost of USD 1,330
  •  %4 Income Tax = USD 1,550.78

Annual operational cost (USD 2,465.13) + Harvest cost (USD 1,330) + Income
Tax (USD 1,550.78) = USD 5,345.99


Min 19kg/tree

350 trees/10,000 m² area, which equals 6,650 kg minimum  production

Minimum Revenue

Sale price: USD 5.83/kg so 6,650 kg x USD 5.83 = USD 38,769.50

Revenue – (Costs + Tax) = USD 33,423.59


80% of the profit for land owner = USD 26,738.87

Which is equal to 29% of net initial investment amount


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Invest4Land is the brand name for marketing and management of all agricultural assets of Concept Investment Ltd.
Invest4Land and Concept Investment Ltd are the brand names of the API Group in Turkey.

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