Our honorary president Mr Umut Apaydın speaks out

Watch the video of the beginnings of Invest4Land as our CEO Mr Alper Apaydın’s father Mr Umut Apaydın talks about his experience with farming.


Humble Beginnings (1984)

Umut Apaydın starts building farms with the knowledge he gained from his father Asım Apaydın and his great uncle, Zekai Apaydın (First Minister of Agriculture in Republic of Turkey)

Second generation is growing (1995)

A young Alper Apaydın starts working in the fields in summers with his father.

Learning the business (2000)

Alper Apaydin goes to London to study Business and Economics.

Invest4Land is forming (2005)

First Invest4Land project is born! Alper Apaydın created his company to modernize and innovate the agricultural industry in Turkey. With generations of agricultural know-how, the fertile lands of beautiful Turkey and a corporate mindset is the magic formula for the success.

Time to go global! (2016)

Invest4Land begins attracting international investors for the first time. And the scale of operation is sky-rocketing.

From a family business to a multi-national company (2017)

Invest4Land now controls millions of square-meter planted walnut farmlands with hundreds of happy clients getting their returns each year!