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Dedicated Walnut & Almond Factory

Product & Income Security

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The Largest Walnut & Almond Processing Facility of Region

We have opened the largest Walnut Processing Facility in Turkey with the participation of The Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli, city mayor, government officials, and many distinguished guests.

All the harvest of our investors will be processed in this factory to achieve the highest quality product. We are excited about the future! Thanks to our dedicated team, families, and investors.

Let’s change the earth to a better place, together.

Importance of Our Factories for Investors

We are investing millions of USD for our factories and our walnut and almond process factories are dedicated to our investors exclusively.

All the harvest is collected from the farmlands and transferred to our factories by us. We process your dry fruits and we sell to the domestic and international markets.

Harvest Security

The harvest Period of Walnuts and Almond is very limited so it is extremely important to have the organization collect, store and process the harvest.

Product Quality

Processing the crop with a good process line including the drying, breaking of the shell, and packaging stages are extremely important for the final product quality.

Better Sale Price

Quality product means higher sales price within the domestic and International Markets. We aim for the highest sales price of our investors’ harvests.

Packaged Brand

Our Investors have an option for their harvest to be fully processed, packaged, and sold. This gives the full security for the execution with the highest possible sales price.

We Care Green Energy

The whole idea of our solar energy vision is to do something useful for the earth and replace dirty energy with clean energy in our walnut factory as much as possible.

For more information please visit our management brand Konsept Tarım 

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