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Dear Investor, Investor Candidate, and Friends.

I thought this is an obligation to write such a letter to talk about some incidents related to our company. We got some attacks from unknown sources on social media claiming that invest4land is a scam company. This anonymous person or organization is claiming that we are giving false numbers to investors and our customer service is terrible, and that’s why we are scammed.

These are my thoughts about this person or organization:

1- Our company owns all the lands, and all the lands we sell, belong to our asset holding companies. Our Agro Asset Holding Companies have no loans by using the lands as security, so our investors have no risk. We also apply a similar structure to our other companies and set up the entire system to ensure that our investors have no risk with their purchases.

2- There is no need to say that we are probably the only company in the industry that invested millions of USD for the factories, brands, infrastructure, and machinery to support the investors and the business model.

3- We finally don’t give any guarantees for the returns to investors; we only provide the estimated numbers and feasibilities to the investors. We are always in communication with the investors and always look to extend our customer service.

So who might be this person or organization, and what do we do so far?

1. We have already started legal action, but it is a fact that this organization is hiding its identity by using a fake number and email. So our action is limited so far to social media platforms.

2. We have recently denounced two companies to the authorities as they were selling lands that do not belong to them, yet still claiming that they own the lands. As we want to keep the industry clean and regulated, we took such activities and damaged their business. They might be trying to take revenge.

3. Two individuals used to work in our organization, and we took legal action against them for their unlawful activities. They might be trying to take revenge.

4. Some people from the Middle East approached us in the past as potential clients and started to imitate our model by buying and selling lands. As they see us as a strong competitor, they might be trying to take revenge.

Conclusion: Whoever is doing this, it is a fact that he is doing it, not only to damage our business and the company but also to damage the investors. Turkey has solid laws in European standards, and any person who has a dispute with another party can take legal action. As this person or organization is hiding its identity, it is clear that the aim is to damage the company and investors. We came so far by working very hard day and night. Many farmers and workers are feeding their families with the income they provide from our company. We put sweat and blood into achieving our dreams. So far, we have created the most extensive plantations in the country, following the largest walnut factory and our brands. We did our best to cover, avoid and repair the natural and unnatural effects on the fields and the business. As we fight against all these problems plus covid effects, inflation, and economic effects, I guess we can also fight against actual scams with your help. Please let us know if you have been contacted by such a person who might be potentially organizing this assault, so we can find the identity and proceed with our actions accordingly.

Best Regards

Alper Apaydin

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