Alper Apaydin


 Invest4Land’s mission is to lead the global transition to new generation agricultural investment model. While it’s no small ambition, our vision of developing farmlands with commodity equivalent income generating trees is already evolving and transforming the way we live. This revolutionary investment model has been structured from years of study, research, dedication and big infrastructure investment.

Our mission is simple. We aim to provide high returns to our investors by:

  • Making our investors freehold real estate asset owners
  • Making the world greener by contributing thousands of new walnut trees for the environment each year.
  • Creating one of the most sustainable and modern farming management systems
  • Contributing our water-saving and soil-protecting farming methods
  • Creating jobs in our operational zones
  • Creating a win-win structure for our investors by developing factories, walnut brands and outlets.

To achieve these missions, we have also achieved strong values and these values are the cornerstone of everything we do:

Transparency, Integrity. Safety. Dedication, Innovation. Hard work. Sustainability. Teamwork. Entrepreneurial approach. Respect. Discipline.

Our family and business values provide a clear foundation for the Invest4Land company and every aspect through creating the walnut farmlands, management, and marketing the walnuts.

We are a proud and dedicated team , our managers, engineers, farmers, drivers and all other department members.

Founded in 2004, API GROUP has been taking its place among the leading business conglomerates of Turkey. The Group is a pioneer in the region and throughout the competition.Today with 50 employees, Istanbul, Riyadh, Jeddah and London offices and property showrooms, partnerships from USA to Kuwait, from Qatar to Russia; API continues its strong growth.
API GROUP is active in four core business:

-Tourism and Services by API Tour
-Real Estate and Construction by API Investment
-Investment Management and Business Developments by API Investment
-Renewable Energy

API GROUP always provides its services based upon the principles of customer satisfaction and trust. As a result of this approach, the Group has created reputable brands with global standards and has been representing Turkish vendors worldwide. Its name is a source of attraction for the international investors who are interested in Turkey.

API Group utilizes a management style that is both customer-focused and productivity-centered. The company has created strong customer loyalty that spread out from Turkey to Gulf Countries and Europe.