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Our Management Brands

We build brands through cultural insight, strategic vision, and the power of emotion across every element of its expression. We make the harvests of our investors accessible without compromising on quality and integrity.

Professional Assistant

We help our customers and investors at every step of their investment.

Organized Agricultural Management Systems

We maximize the return of the investments with our machinery and modern agriculture technology.

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Factory Manager Mr. Hakan's Speech About Walnut Process Factory


We make healthy and sustainable food accessible to everyone with Turkey’s biggest and most comprehensive walnut processing factory with our workers, our farmers and our engineers.

Strategic Vision And Insight

Professional Consultation

Exceptional Execution

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The Most Comprehensive Processing Factory of Turkey

We process the products from our walnut, almond, olive and lavender fields in our facilities and deliver the resources to people.

Controlled Machinery

All our machines are controlled in two separate panels.

Farm Management Software

We record and control the management of all our farms with farm management software we developed.

High Annual Capacity

We have 2000 tons of annual harvest product capacity in our facility.

Product Diversity

By applying agroforestry techniques to our lands, we develop diversity of products on the same land and work to increase income.

Food Safety

We put up our natural products that we produce in accordance with international standards on the market.

Global Collaboration

We collaborate with research institutes around the world to implement scientific agriculture at the best level.

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