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Welcome to Turkey!

At Invest4Land, you can purchase divided walnut and almond farmlands which are fully freehold and inheritable.

Fertile Soils & Agriculture

Walnut & Almond Farmlands in Turkey

100% Freehold

Investors own the farmland with full title deed and everything on it.

Almond Farmlands

We offer 45 years management guarantee.

Walnut Farmlands

We offer 60 years management guarantee

Dedicated Factories

We have dedicated factories for our investors farmlands.

Why Turkey?

Fertile Soils and Rich Water Sources

Perfect Location for Export Operations

Citizenship Opportunities with Farmland

Feel free to contact us for Turkish Farmland Investments

Earn up to 13% average for the 1st 10 years and up to 28% AVERAGE ANNUAL INCOME after the year 10th.

    Why Managed Walnut And Almond Farmlands

    The world is changing fast. Population is growing dramatically and we need more food than ever. Almonds and walnuts are considered as a valuable dry fruit commodities. Once you buy a managed walnut or almond farmland from our company , you will be owning an extremely valuable agro real asset which will provide steady and high income for the next 45 to 60 years minimum.

    You will never have any hassle as the entire management process will be done by one of the largest and most experienced farmland management company in Europe ,Konsept Tarim in Turkey. Here are some other reasons you should invest with us:

    • Secondary income opportunities on the same land such as livestock, free-range eggs production and bee farming.
    • We will sell the timber of the trees after 45 to 60 years and we will be doing the plantation again.
    • We offer to take your harvest to our factory, package it and selling with the highest possible retail value in the domestic and international market.
    • Almonds and Walnuts production has over 65% shortage in Turkey and over 80% shortage in the world. The demand is increasing rapidly and prices have been increasing steadily.
    • Our investors can get Turkish nationality with 250,000 USD investment.