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Farmland currently represents a $9 trillion market globally, with high returns and low volatility. A growing population driving demand for high-quality food coupled with a finite and decreasing supply of land, means that farmland will only become increasingly essential over time.

Savvy institutional investors are beginning to take notice, but with managed farms from Invest4Land, we eliminate the confusion and provide the experience needed to capitalize on what could be the more untapped investment class with high returns.

New applications of technology have the potential to make farmland the most attractive real-estate type. Companies like Invest4Land make it simple for an average investor to diversify their portfolios, with access to professionally managed farmland investments.

You can check the agricultural statistics section on the official Ministry of Agriculture website for more information.


Invest4Land has spent decades working in agriculture by implementing modern farming methods, to compile a great wealth in managing farmlands, and ensure high returns for its investors.

Many investors intuitively realize the reliable economic drivers of investing in agriculture and agroforestry, but, to the surprise of most, they found very few options for direct investment in the agricultural industry.

Invest4Land started and remained a family business, that was founded to provide investors who crave the safety and stability of an investment that is both good for the environment and the investors.


Investments in farmland are much more common than you think, as many of the world’s largest investors already understand the benefit of agricultural investing, and how it can help them preserve and grow their wealth, for example Bill Gates and Ted Turner, known for founding cable news channel CNN.

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Invest4land is our International brand name for the marketing of our Agricultural Real Estate Assets.

Konsept Tarim is our local management brand in Turkey.

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