Meet our brand,
Güzel Köyden!

Delicious and high quality products from our investors’ farmlands, are in the markets!

From seeding to final products, we work hard for our investors!

Güzel Köyden Walnut

Invest4land is known with the best work in the sector for over 30 years, with that we have many contacts around the globe. So we are the address for the demand that has been increased with this awareness of healthy benefits of walnut. People in urban cities need more of this dietary with their stressful routine and they are searching for plants to control their bad LDL cholesterol, omega-3 fats and antioxidants. This population seeks for easy healthy recipes and have the habit of using walnuts in the morning, or on their salads. And we have our brand Güzel Köyden for the purpose other than being the main producer for other branches in different countries.

Güzel Köyden

Our almond trees, which decorate the fertile lands of the Aegean, are carefully harvested using professional agricultural techniques.

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