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Meet Our Brand
Güzel Köyden

Delicious and high-quality products from our investors’ farmlands are in the markets thanks to Güzel Köyden!

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Güzel Köyden Walnuts

Güzel Köyden is one of our biggest production brands where the products from our investors’ land are processed by our professional team of our management brands and sold to the market to provide our investors the best and highest return they deserve. We are proud of our best service and most natural quality walnuts and almonds to our customers!

Güzel Köyden brings our investors and people together with nature to enjoy it. We blend our products with sustainable agriculture by caring for green.

We Care for Green!

At Güzel Köyden lands, we achieved an ecosystem where all living things live happily and healthily. To share our products in their most natural form, we keep and pack them in a way to protect nutrition.

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