Flexible Payment Plans


We offer installment sales and flexible payment plans. This means you can get the property today for the amount of a monthly car payment. Under an installment sale, our properties are sold on a land contract. Once you complete your payments, we will transfer the property to you by submitting a notarized deed.

In addition to installment sales, we offer our properties at discounted cash prices. 


In an ordinary property sale, the title deed is made in the buyer’s name on the date of sale. But in the case of an Installment Land Sales Contract, the buyer doesn’t get the property title deed until all the payments have been made.

Invest4Land agrees that the investor makes the payment over a period of 24-month in installments, after paying 30% of the total price as a downpayment.

Until the whole amount is fully paid, Invest4Land stays the legal owner of the property. However, we keep operating normally from clearing and preparing the land to plant the trees.

When the full amount is paid in full, we transfer the property title deed to the investor’s name.

For full details about the project, visit our feasibility study page.

You can check the agricultural statistics section on the official Ministry of Agriculture website for more information on agricultural investment in Turkey.


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Invest4land is our International brand name for the marketing of our Agricultural Real Estate Assets.

Konsept Tarim is our local management brand in Turkey.

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