Digital & Scientific Farming

We are proud to be the leading walnut farmland management company in Turkey and in the region. All our farmlands activities are registered and monitored with a unique software program called “Farmland Management Software”. Our unique irrigation systems have been developed and installed within divided parcels within our projects to control the entire irrigation which enable us to observe and save.
We install Camera Systems in our projects to monitor all our projects from our head management center.


We use our unique fertilizing and bacterial support (microbial) methods to:

  1. Make the productivity of the trees highest possible level
  2. Keep the soil clean
  3. Eliminate the risk of diseases

We use independent and ministry laboratories for the soil, water and leaf tests. We have research and development farms where we test all new generation fertilizers, bacteria supports and medicines.

Secondary Income Generation

We have been testing for many years the possible second income generation products on our farmlands. As a result, we have created 2 optional models at no cost to investors:

  • Lavender flower plantation all around the borders of the lands and on the inner lines where tractors don’t operate. We produce lavender honey from these flowers and lavender honey is one of the most expensive honey in the domestic and international market.
  • Sheep Livestock seasonal farming after the trees reach to 7 years old.  We raise the lambs around 4 months period and sell to the market just before the Ramadan.

Concept Agricultural Training Academy

We have area managers and under area managers we have project managers.

We have a very organized team management structure, and this is one of our strongest point in the business. All the managers, engineers and all the field labors go through the training program