In the Table of Productivity,

We clearly can see the highlights min and max productivity per Chandler tree by years.

  • Chandler type of walnut trees start generating income 3 years after plantation.
  • The tree reaches the maximum growth 10 years after the income generation start.
  • After that, all lifetime (60 years) stays at very similar productivity level.

In the Income Chart,

As it is shown that income generation of Golden Chandler Walnut farmlands starts in 2021 and increases every year.

How we calculate these values; 

  • Sale Price of  Golden Chandler Walnut Tree (In Shell) : 5,83 Dollar/kg
  • Annual Operation Cost : 1.265,00 Dollar/10.000 sqm
  • Harvest Cost : 0.20 Dollar/kg


Management Fee : 20%/Net Profit

Management company covers all operational costs until the 1st harvest!


Note: Numbers stated in this chart calculated after deduction of annual operation cost, harvest cost and taxes.