Almond Farmlands

Almond Managed Farmlands

The worldwide market for Almond is expected to expand at a growth rate of 4.9% over the next five years, to reach 8.18 billion US$ in 2024, from 6.14 billion US$ in 2019; The shortage is high with many uses ranging from deserts and salads to snack bars, among other uses. Our managed almond farmland investments in Spain & Turkey provide a high income with over 15.5% returns.

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Earn over 15.5% returns with freehold managed farmlands in Spain and Turkey!

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What’s our pitch to potential investors?

It is a simple win-win situation. Investors spends more on modern farming and get high returns with invest4land’s management scheme. Invest4land is working with the latest technologies to provide markets with high-value food while reducing negative impacts on the environment.