Almond Farmlands

Some do agriculture but we do much more! Smart Agricultural real estate is promising much higher and stable returns compared to traditional real estate. Almonds are one of the most valuable dry-fruit commodity in the world. Start to earn over 20% annual returns today with freehold managed almond farmlands ! Don’t miss the opportunity for unique prices with 0% interest payment plans up to 24 months!!

Invest in your future, own a managed farmland today

Earn up to 10% average for the 1st 10 years and up to 16% AVERAGE ANNUAL INCOME after the year 10th.

    What do our Investors buy from us?

    1. Investor purchases managed and divided almond farmlands which are fully freehold and inheritable.
    2. Our almond farmlands belong to our asset holding companies and we release these lands as a project after all the necessary tests for water, elevation and soil.
    3. We also provide a management guarantee up to 45 years to our investors for almond farmlands!
    4. Our almond farmlands comes with a standard package of :
    • Average 60 trees per donum and 600 trees per hectare
    • Digital Water irrigation System
    • Water Drilling or governmental water canal supply ( Water of the land is always secured as we have different water sources in our operation zones)
    • Fertilizing system
    • Water Pool or Water Storage (When there is no governmental water canal supply)
    • Electricity Grid connection or Solar Panel
    • Security Fences and gate
    • Storage
    • House which can used also as a labour house.

    What makes us different?

    • We are the 1st Agricultural Real Estate Development company in the world , developing a model with freehold agricultural land purchase for high commodity value harvest with management guarantee.
    • We don’t only sell the almond farmland itself but everything comes with it including trees, digital water irrigation system , governmental water canal supply or water drilling, water storage, electricity supplier, security fences, storage and labour house.
    • We are the farmland developer our self which means we only sell the lands belong to our asset holding companies.
    • We provide almond farmland management guarantee for 15 years which is automatically extendable every 15 years up to 45 years.
    • We have our factories and brands to sell the nuts harvest at highest possible price.
    • We provide secondary income generation from the same farmlands within the selected zones and projects.
    • We apply modern and scientific farming methods including the type of the seedlings, irrigation systems and fertilizing systems
    • We take all the measures to eliminate the risk with our farmland projects. We release them only after all the necessary tests.
    • We have a years of experience and we have a proven track record in developing and managing the best agricultural real estate assets to provide maximum  return on investment.
    • We invest millions of USD into modern machineries, farm management software and general infrastructure so that we can keep the cost of the management at minimum. Our aim is to achieve long term win-win structure with our investors. Our plan is to sell the timber to the market after 45 years

    Almond Market In The World

    The global Almond market size is projected to reach USD 9438.4 million by 2026, from USD 7124.1 million in 2021, at a CAGR of 4.8% during 2021-2026.