In its most basic, agroforestry is defined as agriculture with trees. However, it is so much more; it is the interaction of agriculture and trees. Interactions between trees and other components of agriculture are significant on farms where trees may provide fodder for livestock, fuel, food, shelter, or income from products.

Agroforestry embraces an agro-ecological approach, emphasizing multi-functionality and the management of complex systems in which crop, plant, and livestock species interact in a field or farming system, rather than focusing exclusively on producing or growing a single crop.

At national and global scales, forestry and agriculture interact ecologically and through policies relating to land use and trade and are essential for climate change and other environmental concerns.


There is nothing better than a tree to simultaneously:

• Sequester carbon from the atmosphere
• Bring up water and nutrients from depth
• Provide a framework for above- and below-ground biodiversity to flourish
• Build up soil organic matter and thus soil carbon – Offer new farm diversification enterprises
• Make agricultural landscapes more resilient
• Record climate history

Agroforestry encompasses a wide range of trees that are protected, regenerated, planted, or managed in agricultural landscapes as they interact with annual crops, livestock, wildlife, and human.

To derive the best value from agroforestry, we design and implement research for development that acknowledges that we are dealing with complex adaptive systems. The results are better development investments for the farmers and investors alike.


Eggs & Poultry

Sheep Farming

Honey Production


We have the experience and know-how of farmland and walnut farmland developments for more than three decades.

Within these years, we have established a very experienced team of engineers and operators with excellent labor support.

We have invested millions of dollars for the general infrastructure, high technology machinery, modern agriculture methods, and professional planting methods.

Our carefully selected land portfolio has full due diligence reports.

We have no competition in the market in terms of being a service provider for the walnut farmland sales, management, and product sales at the same time.

We become a partner in every single project we sell, and we establish the water well, water storage pool, product storage, and the labor house in our lands within the project.

Our structure provides a real partnership with our investors and the farming professionals who work with Invest4Land and creates a win-win situation for all parties.

We have perfect after-sales services for our investors where they will have the comfort of a hassle-free investment model.

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Invest4land is our International brand name for the marketing of our Agricultural Real Estate Assets.

Konsept Tarim is our local management brand in Turkey.

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