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We are proposing you be an agro investor, modern farmer, and entrepreneur in the most emerging market in the world!

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    Own a shares of amazing model and be the winner of future


    This opportunity is valid for the only limited investor with this price entry.


    You can invest in premium walnut and almond lands with prices starting from $20,000 – a unique opportunity to be part of other factory and brand investments.

    • Exit any time
    • No title deed tax
    • Future opportunities
    • Tax advantages


    We are investing millions of USD in our factories, and our walnut and almond process factories are dedicated to our investors exclusively. All the harvest will be collected from the farmlands and transferred to our factories. We will process your dry fruits, and we will sell them to the domestic and international markets. 

    Dedicated Factories for Our Investors

    Importance of Our Factories for Investors

    We are investing millions of USD for our factories and our walnut and almond process factories are dedicated to our investors exclusively.

    All the harvest is collected from the farmlands and transferred to our factories by us. We process your dry fruits and we sell to the domestic and international markets.

    Harvest Security

    The harvest Period of Walnuts and Almond is very limited so it is extremely important to have the organization collect, store and process the harvest.

    Better Sale Price

    Quality product means higher sales price within the domestic and International Markets.

    Product Quality

    Processing the crop with a good process line including the drying, breaking of the shell, and packaging stages are extremely important for the final product quality.

    Packaged Brand

    Our Investors have an option for their harvest to be fully processed, packaged, and sold. This gives the full security for the execution with the highest possible sales price.

    Long Experience:

    We have had the experience and know-how of farmland and walnut farmland developments for more than a decade. We have established a very experienced team of engineers and operators with excellent labor support within these years. We have invested millions of dollars in the general infrastructure, high technology machinery, modern agriculture methods, and professional planting methods. Our extremely carefully selected land portfolio has complete diligence reports. We have no competitor in the market in terms of being a service provider for the walnut farmland sales – management and product sales at the same time. We become partners in every project we sell, and we establish the water well, water storage pool, product storage, and labor house on our lands within the project. That structure provides a genuine partnership with our investors and creates a win-win situation. We also have perfect after-sales services for our investors where they will have the comfort of a hassle-free investment model. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Help Center

    Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is an agribusiness source to find the best answer to your questions.

    You will own a specific share in the Agri Master Asset Holding Company.

    This company owns 170,000 sqm farmland in Manisa-Turkey, and 5,950 walnut trees will be planted on this farm. There will be a digital water irrigation system, fertilizer systems, water pool, management house, electricity grid connection systems, and fences in this project.

    Agri Master has a secure management agreement, low labor cost, high tech, and sustainable development, agroforestry opportunity with livestock when the trees reach year 6, an amazing growth strategy without any loans, a business model suitable to go public, and creating its nuts brand for an added value.

    “Agri Master” has an exclusive management agreement with “Konsept Tarım Teknolojiler” Management Company for 45 years, renewable every 15 years.

    You indirectly own the farmland with many other advantages and savings. There will be no VAT, no title deeds cost, and purchase fees. You will also own and benefit directly from all the company’s investments, such as brand and processing factory. Owners will benefit directly in case the company goes public.

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