Firstly, the incomes are higher than the traditional real estate investments.

  • It is easier. When the management is applied as it is planned, the farmers keep up with the acceleration.
  • It is more economical. The focus is on maximising the output so the input is controlled over the process, with that the results are margined in the profits as a mass production.
  • The land is used more effectively due to the output to input ratio.
  • It should be the healthiest and safest way of investment. Because Environmental Protection Agency and the collaboratives of it keeps an eye on the process
  • The demand is and should be endless. As healthy vegetables and fruits are more affordable for the public.
  • The agricultural sector is a leading employer. As a result of your investments, the work power in the area gets stronger because of the need for labour. Starting with the farmers, machine developers and continuing with the researches of agricultural studies as a brand of science, the investor creates a subsistence for hundreds of people and helps ideas to grow.
  • Agricultural activities help international trades to expand. It creates interactions between the countries.
  • Agriculture transforms the arid and semi-arid areas into green and fertile lands.
  • Helps the health sector to be more plant-based, rather than chemicals.
  • Stops erosion. The more roots of plants the more prevented the land is, as roots keep the particles together.
  • Agriculture saves water. Vegetative cover helps the earth to cool it’s surface and lessens the evaporation of water.

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